Hello internet surfer, I'm Baxter! I'm a 21 year old BIG MAN living in South Australia who spends a whole bunch of time making silly little things on the internet. I put together work as a directory for all my projects and places where you can find me online. I have big things in the works! Expect this whole site to be completely re-done some time this year alongside the release of a big project I'm working on. Don't pay too much attention to the silly stuff here underneath me and all the links on the links page that don't work anymore. The projects page is good though! I've made some cool stuff but there is also cooler things that are coming!! Trust me!!


General: Internet, Music, Friends

Music: Plunderphonics, Hyperpop

Movies: The Animatrix, Venom (2018) (ironically), Inland Empire

TV: Bluey, Smiling Friends, Atlanta

Games: Neon White, M.U.G.E.N, Minecraft (modded), Any of the Wii ___ games

Tools of the Trade: Fl Studio, Photoshop

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